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Mine Sweep Mini is a Mine Sweeper clone for the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20, and includes an enhanced graphics set for those machines with +3K of extra RAM. Included in the pack is the original intended release along with an experimental version which allows you to change screen colours on the title screen. There is a very simple bat and ball game called Bounce included too. This later game is, by all accounts, not very good but was based on a not very good Sinclair ZX81 game so it inherited its legacy.

Mine Sweep Mini is included as a disk image, where as the experimental version is a separate PRG file, all of which will work on any good VIC-20 emulator.


mine-sweep-mini.zip 8 kB

Install instructions

  • Unzip the files to your VIC 20 games folder
  • Open up your emulator and ensure that it is in unexpanded mode (no extra RAM) or +3K (Bank 0)
  • If you have set unexpanded VIC-20, drag and drop any of the files into the emulator window and any of the games will auto-boot
  • If you have selected +3K mode, attach the mine-sweep-mini.d64 disk image to drive 8 and type: LOAD "*",8,0 and press Enter
  • The 3K game will take a moment to load as it will need to switch the default character set to the new character and graphics set so please be patient
  • An instruction file is included on the disk, to read this, attach the disk image to drive 8 and type: LOAD "READ*",8 if you have set unexpanded VIC-20, or LOAD"READ*",8,0 for +3K

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